What is Pittsburgh? A view through Photos

Pittsburgh the city of bridges

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Caveman had walls. Painters canvas, and I have photos. But why do we love pictures? To remember or bring distant places near?

Yes!  When I moved back to Pittsburgh, I found a different city. It wasn’t the smoky, rusting city, of my childhood. Pittsburgh was reborn. 

The Blockhouse

Your tour of Pittsburgh should start here. The Fort Pitt blockhouse.  It is the oldest building in Pittsburgh and the oldest west of the Appalachian Mountains. Point State park was the home to two pre Revolutionary War forts. Fort Duquesne and Fort Pitt,The Blockhouse dates back to 1764. Look around and you will see modern bridges connecting the old. How technology has changed 

History of the Blockhouse

Some times called Bouquet’s Blockhouse[ or Bouquet’s Redoubt. TheBlock House was constructed in 1764 as a defensive military redoubt. Henry Bouquet initiated the construction of a small number of redoubts around the outer walls of the fort as a way to reinforce its defense,of which only the Fort Pitt Block House survives.When Fort Pitt was demolished in 1792, the Block House was left untouched because it was already in use as a residence. The structure had been converted into a private house in 1785 by Isaac Craig. In 1894, philanthropist Mary Schenley presented the deed to the Block House to the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).  She did this specifically so that the structure might be preserved for future generations.

What is Pittsburgh? A northeast city or midwest city?

Is it a Northeast city like New York or Midwest? I think, it’s more Eastern.  But not really. At the time of the Revolutionary War, Pittsburgh was the frontier. It was Fort Pitt. Its key to success was its rivers. The Ohio River was the gateway to interior of North America. It brought coal to the city. And sent steel to the world. The rivers were the reason for Pittsburgh and they are its heart.

Point State Park walk

All Pittsburgh tours should start here. The rivers are the reason for Pittsburgh. Point State Park is the gem of the city. Its culture revolves around it. Use the map below to explore the park. Then go out and see the downtown.