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Steel City Impact’s field trip in the air.

Look up and what do your see? Blue sky and clouds. But now and then an airplane or helicopter. As a child, I loved flying. My first flight was at 4 to visit my Grandmother. But many kids don’t have that luxury.

Steel City Impact making a differences.

It’s an organization based in the Sto Rox school district. Their summer programs offer a opportunities for young people. Field trips and activities that develop the mind, and body. Today they were invited to the Finleyville Airport by Pittsburgh Pilot Training.

Pittsburgh Pilot Training is a flight school right outside of Pittsburgh Pa. Today’s goal was to teach the kids about future jobs in aviation and have a little fun.

What an adventure.

Did you know

Projections within the airline industry say there could be a pilot shortage close to 32,000 within

10 years.

The kids not only flew but learned about the future jobs. They talked to airplane pilots , helicopter pilots and an aircraft mechanic. All these jobs are import. And you don’t need a college degree.

Learn more at https://steelcityimpact.com

Young people Learning about aircrafts in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.
Steel City Impact at Pittsburgh Pilot Training

Steel City Impact is a youth-centered program in the Greater Pittsburgh area that provides mind, body, and spirit-based development and mentoring opportunities to the youth of our communities. Steel City Impact, knows our youth are the future of our society. And want to make sure that they are equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve success while making a positive impact on the world.

Become a pilot: https://pittsburghpilot.com

Learning to fly isn’t just for Kids. Anyone can learn. Pittsburgh Pilot Training is located at Finleyville Airport, G05. They strive to be one of the best flight schools in the country. Pittsburgh Pilot Training was created as a place where students can get one on one training. And more importantly have a fun while learning. And a goal of developing highly skilled and situationally aware pilots

Visit Finleyville Airport