The Doo Wop Doctors, a love of music and kindness.

Full of love and music that’s how I would describe them. We all have a gift. John and Al’s gift is music. Plus life long friends. I have know Al my whole life. In fact we are cousin. I remember listening to him and his dad play. The whole Condeluci family loves music. Music brings people together. And that what it did.

Growing up, John and Dave would walk to school. One day Al asked John, ” what’s going on in your music world?” From there John talked about the band and how he needed a bass player. Al jumped on it! and a high school band was formed. They played the popular music of the day. Got a few gigs and made a few bucks. not bad for a couple of kids from Mckees Rocks.

As time went on, they grew up. But Al and John stayed friends. Al stayed in Pittsburgh and went to college. John took a different route. He went to the Navy. His musical career grew from playing in the Navy band to conducted It. What a gift! He used music to build a beautiful life.

Giving back

We all get old. its a part of life. John moved back to Pittsburgh and said to Al…… Lets get the band back together. And so they did. The Doo Wop Doctors were back. But not just playing music but helping out the community. fundraising! From start to finish they plan and organized a number of charity events. And they are pretty good. in just a few years they raised over $30,000 for social Pittsburgh charities.

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