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Sunday morning run and coffee from Espresso A Mano.

Hopscotch along Penn Ave in Pittsburgh Pa

One of my favorite Sunday traditions is running. Jean makes the maps and we pick a time. For me Its a simple run maybe 3 miles. But last Sunday was different. I decided to blog. The GoPro was charged and a map in hand. The plane was run from Espresso A Mano to the Strip District. As a started my run, I notice art. The simple things a mural here and a sculptures. In the end my run was a little longer then 3 miles but worth very footstep.

Espresso A Mano.

It’s an easy place to miss. its a small shop located on Butler street in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh. In the 1980’s Lawrenceville was a little rough. Today its filled with small shops and families walking to church. As I finished my run I noticed the bells ringing. It was if Lawrenceville was announcing my arrival.

Jean and the gang were already there.Jean had a drip coffee but for a nice treat. Gluten free cookies. Its hard to believe the in 2022 gluten free cookies are hard to find. For me it was like having a chocolate biscotti. Dripped in my coffee made for a nice reward after my run. Like I said Espresso A Mano is a little small but the coffee is good and the shipshape is even better.