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Sunday morning run, from the Strip District to Downtown

Two of my favorite things coffee and downtown Pittsburgh. Jean was training for the Pittsburgh Marathon and running 15 miles. For me I’m happy if I can run five. So while she was taking a tour of Pittsburgh I decided to run to the Point. My usual run is down Smallman Street to the rive trail. But today I decide a different route.

Railroad Street is off the beaten path for the Strip Distric. As I made made my run along Railroad Street I noticed homes people living in the Strip District. For years it was know for shopping and tech firms. But now it’s becoming a neighborhood.

I love the yellow bridges of Pittsburgh. The style and function. But they are art too. Normally I run back along Penn Ave, but today it was the Northshore. And what a surprise! I could write more but you really need to see it.

James cafe and coffee

This brings me to my other favorite thing, coffee. James Cafe is located at 2550 Smallman St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. Normally I go for the light roast but today was a dark roast from Rwanda. It’s crazy to think the coffee I’m drinking was grown on the other side of the world. And it was a nice treat after a 5 mile run.

As I was saying it’s a small place filled with locals having their morning up of joe. It’s too far up Smallman for tourist. And they are missing out on gem. real cups and plates. Friendly people. And Dogs! I even saw a couple having coffee with their furry friend.


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