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We love telling stories 

Catzeye Media believes your most important marketing tool is you! 

In today’s fast-paced world, our phones are constantly glued to our hands and we capture every moment through photos and videos. But what happens next? As a busy business owner, you may not have the time or resources to turn those images into impactful marketing tools. That’s where Catzeye Media comes in. Our team of experts can transform your raw footage into visually stunning content that will captivate your audience and drive your business forward. Let us help you make the most out of your captured memories and turn them into powerful marketing assets


Testimonials are the best way to connect. A personal message, brings online “likes” into real world friends.

YouTube as a marketing tool.

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YouTube is a great marketing tool. I call it narrowcasting. The YouTube algorithm focuses on bring potential viewers to your site. Verse television broadcast messages. TV is based on hope. The hope that someone cares about your message


The key to YouTube is organic marketing. People sharing your videos. Sharing videos is FREE ADVERTISING! Yes it cost nothing to share and you have everything to gain. But you first need a video. And that’s where Catzeye Media comes in. We do everything, so you can focus on what’s matters.

Or turn your video into a YouTube Pre-roll Ads

YES YOU CAN DO THAT! We can add a link to your website. Our Catzeye Media “What We Do” video was produced as a demo reel. It was posted on Youtube and converted into a pre-roll ad that resulted in increased web traffic by 300%.

Spread the word! 

Your video will always be sharable on social media, Youtube, or embedded on your website. You can also incorporate it into an ad campaign.  
And we can do all of this for you so you can focus on running your business.

Video production, your way.

Option 1: Editing and Distribution to Youtube or other social media platform

Let us edit your videos, photos and gif. We all have smartphones. We use them everyday. To run our businesses or capture special moments. But then what? Give us those special moments and let us turn them into marketing tools. 

Option 2: Video Editing Subscription
Need content every week? Use your phone to shoot photos and videos. Then give the media to Catzeye Media. We turn your raw media into stories. Plan and set your budget. We will do the rest!

Option 3: Video Production, The Works
Let us do it all. The magic of video and photography. From start to finish, we will craft your story. You chose distribution, your website, YouTube and social media platforms 

Podcasts And Livestreams

Catzeye Media brings the power of live television to you. Damian worked as a field director for CNN Newsource. While at CNN, he traveled the world, organizing, and produced live broadcasts. Such as NASA Space Shuttle Launches, Presidential Elections, and Hurricane Katrina. Today he brings those skills to Catzeye Media.

Livestreams are not one-time events

Ideas for your next Podcast

All livestreams are recorded. We encourage our clients to use the DVR option on YouTube. By doing this, your Livestream can be watched and shared over and over. We can also take the recorded livestream and edit it to your liking, saving you time and money.


Share happiness and joy with loved ones near and far. No matter where they are, livestreams bring your big day to them. Your livestream can have up to 3 cameras with professional audio, distribution to social media, YouTube or your personal website. Your livestream will be recorded, so your memories are preserved and can be shared whenever you like.

Online Education and Meetings

Incorporate PowerPoint presentations, videos, and photos into your livestream. Add real-time comments from your students or colleagues, and integrate with Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings. We offer incredible value and professional capabilities at a reasonable price. 

Sporting Events 

Club sports and tournaments are extremely popular, and limited seating can be a problem. Our system gives your athlete’s family a front row seat.

Why Catzeye Media

  • Broadcast experience: CNN Field Director, Videographer, Video Producer 
  • Live Streaming to 3 platforms at once: YouTube, social media or RTMP 
  • Enhance your live event, Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting or conference
  • Live switch up to 6 video sources
  • Chroma key
  • Record your livestream for future use
  • Network connectivity: WiFi/Ethernet/4G stream from anywhere
  • Professional equipment: HD quality from start to finish


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